Human Design Readings

What will I learn?

Madeline will study your chart and translate it in plain language so you can easily understand it.

Yes, you can look up your chart yourself, but it takes months or years to understand what it means.

In your reading, you can skip through a lot of the technical info and just get to the point.

Here are examples of what you learn in your first reading:

  • Where do you get energy and how can you best use it.

  • What behaviors “suck your soul”.

  • Signs you are in or out of alignment and what to do about it.

  • How others see you.

  • How to make decisions in alignment with your design.

  • Your strongest gifts in this life.

  • How you best digest food.

  • How you can be most productive according to your design.

  • The best way for you to manifest.

A reading can help if you're struggling with big decision making. "Should I quit my job?" "Is this marriage right for me?" "Should I move across the country?" are common questions you can get clear on when you understand your chart.


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Readings are either in person or online (on zoom). Booking is the same either way! You'll indicate if you want online or in person during the booking process.

You must know your exact birth time, date, and location at the time of booking. 

If you choose to have the appointment on zoom, schedule a time you can be free from loud noise, children, barking dogs, texts/phone calls, and any other distractions. If you have young children, please do not bring them along for your zoom or in person session. Your undivided attention is of utmost importance. 

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During the booking process, you'll indicate whether you want an online reading (on zoom) or in person at Studio TimeOut. 


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Our scheduling software doesn't support those outside the US (we're working on changing this). 

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My Human Design reading with Madeline was incredibly insightful, affirming and has inspired some revelations! Madeline offered practical, real life wisdom which I can apply to my daily life immediately. I appreciated learning through this reading how I can function in my life, my work, my relationships most optimally. It all feels totally doable and that's super exciting!
Jessa Walters
I had a human design reading with Madeline today and I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun and SO interesting learning about the ways I can better show up for myself in this life and the things I can pay more attention to to make this life more enjoyable. Madeline did such a great job with my reading. She made sure she answered any questions I had and made it all very easy to understand. It felt like talking to a good friend. Highly recommend!
Bobby Lohrey
Having been on a deep inner journey of self discovery for the past decade, Madeline’s reading was full of confirmations and insight into the parts of myself I’d discovered and have been growing into. For anyone wishing to explore gifts and talents within, as well as to better understand deeper aspects to the age old question, "Who Am I?", I highly recommend a Human Design reading with Madeline!
Nikolaus Wolf
"After countless intuitive readings over  several decades I am not easily impressed. However, that is certainly not the case with my recent human design reading with Madeline Evergreen. Her bright, sensitive, energy and knowledgeable, soulful  reading helped confirm what I have always  intuitively known about how my body heart, mind, soul and spirit connection and how they all work together alchemically to form how I express myself in the world.  I feel so validated that I am showing up in my life and planetary service exactly the way I need to in order to be in my fullness of soul purpose. Everything she shared was right on target especially how connected I am to my passion and sacral chakra center and how open my crown chakra is to the Imaginal archetypal world of the spirits. Thank you Madeline for the positive affirmation that I am fully on my path and embodying my dharma at this important time on Earth. It was very reassuring to my spirit.” 
Linda Star Wolf

Meet Madeline


Madeline is a 4/6, Manifesting Generator in human design. This means she loves to explore tons of different interests from ballroom dance, to nutrition, acro yoga, art, gardening, group fitness, and so much more.

When she first learned about human design, she was hooked. Learning about her own chart showed her how to get into alignment. This changed Madeline's entire life including her health, body, career, outlook on life, and relationships. 

Human design started out as one of those hobbies that Madeline became addicted to. After months and months of personal study, she pulled the trigger and signed up for Jenna Zoe’s human design reader training (www.myhumandesign.com).

Madeline is a natural at reading human design charts. She is able to make the information clear, easy to understand, and applicable to real life. She’s deeply fulfilled and lit up by every single reading she’s done so far.

Anyone who has their chart read by Madeline is blown away by the volume of information they learn. People feel incredibly validated and have a deeper understanding of their purpose, why they have certain behaviors, and how to make decisions moving forward.

If you have ever tried to understand your chart but are lost in all the shapes, arrows and lines… you will love receiving a session from Madeline. She will make it all so clear and easy to understand.

Email [email protected] to contact Madeline for Human Design inquiries.