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Join us for fitness classes, Breathwork, Human Design and Health Optimization.


Exercise Classes 

Live and in-person exercise classes to help you increase energy, improve your mood, tone your muscles and best of all…. raise your spirit and joy for life. All levels welcome here. No need to fit or experienced with exercise classes.


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Human Design

A blueprint of who you truly are before all the conditioning of the world.

You came into this world with a plan. But that plan can get lost in all the noise of society, our parents, teachers, friends, and culture.

When you understand your Human Design chart, you see the truth of who you are.

It is like a manual for your own life.

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Helps to…

Release trapped emotions, energy stuck, and anxiety and remove whatever is holding you back. An opportunity to reconnect to your truth and step into your sacred purpose.

Now is the time to see old patterns, programming, and conditioning and release limiting beliefs.

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Easy to find and order yourself highly beneficial nutritional supplements we recommend. All medical grade supplements.


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What people are saying


"The fitness and wellness services at Studio TimeOut are top notch. I have definitely become healthier and happier as a result of their classes and support."

Jennifer Markworth

"This was the only studio I stuck with for a period of time."

Ann Eskelson

"The classes at Studio Time Out are all excellent but with out a doubt the Nia class is one of a kind and exceptional!  Jeanne's  class feeds your soul, your mind, and every muscle in your body. There is nothing like this class that so completely makes you feel like you’ve just  given yourself a gift. It’s a reset for your week and I realize how truly special this class is! Thank you."

Trish Walton

"Clean, open, bright studio. The instructor gave me clear instruction throughout the class as I was a newbie. The smaller class size felt welcoming. I'll be back to try some of the other classes."

Patricia Wagner

6001 Lyndale Avenue South,

Minneapolis, MN 55419