Exercise Classes

Live and in-person exercise classes to help you increase energy, improve your mood, tone your muscles and best of all…. raise your spirit and joy for life. All levels welcome here. No need to fit or experienced with exercise classes.

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Important Info Before Attending Class

Arrive with no dryer sheet use on your clothing. Also please no scented laundry detergent.

Bring your own mat or use one of the small, not-the- best mats we have in the studio.

Most of the classes are barefoot. If you choose to wear shoes, please change into indoor-only shoes to keep dirt off the studio floor.

Please try to arrive to class on time. If you must arrive late, it’s ok, come right in. Just try to not make it a habit.

The most important thing is to come in and do something good for yourself.  Enjoy moving your body, get some exercise and connect with other people.

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Single Class


  • Good for one group fitness class

One Week Pass


  • Unlimited classes for 7 consecutive days. Starts the day of your first class

5 Pack Classes


  • Expires 6 weeks after your first class


Build a beautiful body using dumbbells, bands and the small ball. Choose weights from 1 lb to 10 lbs. You'll tone, strengthen and shape your body from head to toe..


A barefoot movement class using world music. The entire idea of Nia is to move in a way that brings pleasure and joy.... for the purpose of healing your body and soul. We'll do a huge variety of moves...large sweeping, small and tight, fast, slow...using all planes. Not repetitive movement. The class can be a very intense physical experience or can be very gentle and low intensity...it all depends on how you choose to do the moves...so it suits all bodies.  

Barre Shaping Mix

Get the best of both. Intense muscle toning at the barre added to more toning with the weights and bands. A class for all levels. No experience needed. 

Buff Girl Workout

Get cardio, toning and strength AND Pilates Mat all in one class. Start with a warm up. You'll do 2 cardio tabatas, move to toning including abs, back to one more strength tabata, then transition to Pilates Mat. The class goes by very quickly and appeals to all levels. No need to be fit or strong to do this class. 

Pilates Yin Yoga

Start with Pilates Mat for 30 minutes and transition to Yin Yoga for the second half of class. Yin yoga is a restorative type of yoga. The poses can feel like more intense stretching, but the end result is a deep relaxation and reduction of stress. 

Pilates Mat

Multilevel Pilates mat class focusing on the Pilates principles of breathing, concentration, precision and flow. You'll learn how to engage and use your abdominal muscles effectively to not only help flatten your belly but also to help a weak back. You'll notice a strengthening of your entire body from the inside out.