Human Design

With Madeline Evergreen

What is Human Design?

A blueprint of who you truly are before all the conditioning of the world.

You came into this world with a plan. But that plan can get lost in all the noise of society, our parents, teachers, friends, and culture.

When you understand your Human Design chart, you see the truth of who you are.

It is like a manual for your own life.

You understand how your mind works, how you should be using your energy, how to make decisions, what comes easily to you and what doesn’t, and how to tell if you are in alignment.

You can skip through much of the “trial and error” in life, and get down to the details. This way, you can start living your life fully right now.


Toni Secrist

"Madeline has helped me so much, I don't know where to begin! Only a month ago, I discovered her and human design at the same time. I binged the podcast, was hooked immediately, signed up for her holiday alignment challenge, and the way my life has changed almost brings me to tears!! Things I was manifesting are coming to life, my work is flowing and it's easier for me than it's ever been, I feel lighter and more excited about life, and I have such a strong and clear desire to help others like she's helped me. I am going to be so sad when the challenge ends because connecting with her and everyone in this group is what I look forward to most each week. Thank you Madeline for your knowledge, curiosity and patience 😇🥳😭🥺🤩🌟"

Ways to Learn Human Design

Manifest with Madeline

Manifestation has quickly become one of the most popular, hot button skills everyone wants to master. 

But what if you've tried manifesting, and it didn't work? 

Or you spent countless hours doing rituals, vision boards, and affirmations with minimal effects... 

Then what? 

You are probably manifesting against your Human Design. 

Did you know your own Human Design chart shows you how YOU manifest best in your own way?

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I'm Ready to Manifest!

Private Reading

Your chart is jam packed full of information. It can take years or even decades to get a full understanding. 

Book a reading with Madeline to get a deep understanding of your chart. 

Madeline makes it very easy to understand and helps translate your chart into applicable, doable action steps you can take in real life.

Get guidance on how to use your chart to improve your health, career, relationships, and life in general. 

For brand new beginners or highly experienced people.

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The Beginner's Guide to Human Design Podcast

This podcast makes Human Design super simple and easy to understand. Have you ever looked at your chart and wondered what all those shapes and lines mean? Maybe you’ve even read a description of your chart and felt overwhelmed and forgot all the information within a few minutes? Madeline Evergreen is a master at making tricky information simple and easy to understand.

Use this podcast like a course. Start at the beginning and listen sequentially. Madeline will guide you through your chart so you can fully understand how it works and what it all means. You’ll get practical tips on how to embody your design and how to apply it to real life.

Listen to the Podcast

“My life before the Holiday Alignment Challenge and after the Holiday Alignment Challenge look so different! Prior to this course with Madeline, I was fighting for things to happen in my life. I didn't understand how to use my strategy and authority to move about the world. Through learning Madeline's teachings and  applying the challenges in the course to my life, I've witnessed some amazing things in my personal and professional life unfold! My personal relationships have improved, and I may have called in an ideal partner! I've had a lot of positive interactions with colleagues and gotten written recommendations from many of them! Madeline taught our class that following your strategy and authority is a life long journey that takes practice, and I wholeheartedly agree. My life is forever changed, and I look forward to participating in future classes with Madeline. If you're on the fence about joining a class with Madeline, I'd say to go for it! Who doesn't want their life to be more filled with ease, pleasure, and just work for them based on their design?! This is the first Monday without our Holiday Alignment Challenge class and I'm already missing it! I look forward to seeing other Human Design nerds like me in future courses with Madeline!”

 Amelia West

“I looked so forward to each week's calls with Madeline and  the other participants. Madeline was very prepared for each call yet she encouraged us to share and we all learned from each other. I don't think anyone is better than Madeline when it comes to making this content relatable, digestible, and comprehensive. She takes you on a deep dive but not so far where you get lost and don't come back. Madeline makes herself accessible and wants to interact with her participants so I've really felt valued as an individual. I'm looking forward to learning more from her and I just can't get enough”

“I had my Human Design chart read by Madeline Evergreen. I have had interest in Human Design prior, but it is a lot of dense information, and I didn't have the time to process it. Madeline did a great job of making sense of my chart, as well as tying important aspects and themes together. She was able to convey complex ideas and make them easily understood. Madeline was able to give me greater understanding about myself. I was very satisfied with my reading.”
Allen Normandin
“What an interesting experience finding out about my Human Design! Madeline was so knowledgeable and explained the many aspects clearly, making sure that I understood. Learning about myself using HD brings some clarity to parts of myself that have puzzled me before. I'm looking forward to learning more about some of these characteristics. It makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks.”
Susan B
“My Human Design Reading with Madeline was brilliant. She delivered all the key information in a succinct way and gave me real-world practical ways to use my human design to live life with more ease and joy. It was such a gift to learn how I'm made to operate — how to make good decisions, what I need to feel good on the daily, and even what to lean into to fulfill my bigger purpose in life. I'm glad I recorded the session as I imagine I could listen to it year after year to help me remain aligned in all that I do.”
Amy Patee
“Madeline was FANTASTIC! I loved my reading. It was super informative and well explained. She was personable and enjoyable to work with.”
Kristina Scaglione

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Meet Madeline


Madeline is a 4/6, Manifesting Generator in human design. This means she loves to explore tons of different interests from ballroom dance, to nutrition, acro yoga, art, gardening, group fitness, and so much more.

When she first learned about human design, she was hooked. Learning about her own chart showed her how to get into alignment. This changed Madeline's entire life including her health, body, career, outlook on life, and relationships. 

Human design started out as one of those hobbies that Madeline became addicted to. After months and months of personal study, she pulled the trigger and signed up for Jenna Zoe’s human design reader training (www.myhumandesign.com).

Madeline is a natural at reading human design charts. She is able to make the information clear, easy to understand, and applicable to real life. She’s deeply fulfilled and lit up by every single reading she’s done so far.

Anyone who has their chart read by Madeline is blown away by the volume of information they learn. People feel incredibly validated and have a deeper understanding of their purpose, why they have certain behaviors, and how to make decisions moving forward.

If you have ever tried to understand your chart but are lost in all the shapes, arrows and lines… you will love receiving a session from Madeline. She will make it all so clear and easy to understand.

Email [email protected] to contact Madeline for Human Design inquiries.