Somatic Breathwork

Mind-Body Healing

Breathwork helps to...

Relieve you from stress & overwhelm from every day life.  When stress gets trapped in your body and sits unprocessed you can experience health problems. 

There is a direct connection between our physical vitality and mental health. When we release the stress we become healthier and happier in our mind and body.

SBW™ is a powerful tool that has created a lasting change for ourselves and our clients. A fantastic mind-body healing modality for beginners. 

In person workshops at Studio TimeOut

Thursday Sept 21st, 7:30-9pm 

Thursday Oct 26th, 7-8:30pm

Thurs Nov 30th, 7-8:30pm

Thurs Dec 28 7-:30pm


Come to one or multiple workshops!

No walk ins. Please sign up in advance.

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Online workshop on Zoom

Thursday October 12th 

1-2:30pm Central Time



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“I went to the workshop not knowing what to expect and was quite concerned that nothing would happen for me.  I was wrong! I had an amazing journey filled with imagery and experiences that were eye opening. I also received  messages that I needed to hear to make some life changes.  I attended the 3 day retreat and the artwork we created after our session still hangs on my office wall to remind me of those messages.  Madeline is such an amazing faciliator and makes the space so comfortable and inviting for everyone.  She did a great job at creating a magical space for us to experience our journey.  I went from someone who was worried that nothing would happen during my breathwork to someone who can't wait to book my next session.  Breathwork should be something everyone tries, you never know what you will discover.”

Ann Fassbender

“Amazing experience!
Well done Madeline, this has opened new doors of awareness!”
Michael O'Brien
"Transformational breathwork classes! I am so grateful for this amazing space to express and release pain and trauma. It is a life changing experience to have people hold the space for your pain and the release of that pain. We need more of these classes in the world! 
Bea Crawmer
“The breathwork class with Madeline completely surpassed my expectations. It was such a warm and welcoming container for the release of emotions and I can't wait to go back for another one."”
Aimee Neumann
“Last night was amazing!  I didn't share with the group, but I was sobbing and it came out of nowhere!  I released so much guilt and sadness (that's what it seemed to be) that I feel like a different person today.  Literally!  I love these sessions but I am a skeptic at heart (after all, I'm an accountant), so I never really think it will do much for me.  But, I try to stay open for the adventure.  I am so beyond thrilled at the experience last night!  I guess it just takes a little bit of willingness.
I have nothing to say that would have made the evening any better.  You did an amazing job and you just continue to get better and better at what you're doing.”
Barb Severson

Meet Madeline

Madeline discovered Breathwork with Linda Star Wolf (the founder of Shamanic Breathwork) and Brad Collins in 2013. She was struggling deeply with health issues and negativity and didn’t know where else to turn. After attending multiple retreats at Isis Cove she completely transformed as a human being and became a Shamanic Breathwork facilitator.

In 2023 she trained in Somatic Breathwork and now combines the two modalities to offer a unique experience for clients. 

In her breathwork workshops, Madeline creates a safe and loving container while also holding the participants accountable for doing their work. She is a firm believer in truth and honesty and is skilled at helping people find practical, real life ways to transform and change.

When you participate in a breathwork session with Madeline, you will feel supported and guided, but also encouraged to open up, be completely honest, and leave with a plan of action to transform into the person you truly are meant to be. The work is not usually fun or easy, but it is so needed in these times.

Madeline continues to walk the walk every single day. Health and truth are her top priorities and she loves to share the knowledge with anyone who is ready to listen.