Instructions for how to use the Xymogen Online Store

Follow along with the instructions below to set up your account for Xymogen.

Click here to access the Xymogen store

Step 1

Click here to access the Xymogen site.

This is the first screen you will see. It looks like you are in the wrong place... but you are not! 

Start by filling in your email address. 

Then click on "Verify Practitioner"

Step 2

This is the screen you will see after you click "Verify Practioner"

Fill in your name, phone number, and click the box referring to text messages if you like. 

Click "Create Account" 

On the next page, fill out your address and create a password.

Click "Create Account"

On the next page, click "Log in"

Step 3

This is what the page should look like after you log in.

Click on "Catalog" in the upper left hand corner of the screen to browse the supplements. 

Or just use the search bar to look up products you want.