Chocolate Cake Course

Learn how to make the absolute best tasting cakes everyone loves... even those picky eaters. Perfect for holiday parties, baby showers, birthday parties and those fun get-togethers. Finally a cake you can eat guilt free and really enjoy it! Gluten, grain, sugar and almost dairy free (butter only).

Last day to register is Nov 22nd

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What will I Learn?

  • How to make a gluten, sugar and dairy free cake that tastes fabulous and makes you look like an expert
  • What NOT to do when working with this recipe and ingredients
  • Secret tips so your cake turns out perfect every time.
  • Basic baking skills and techniques for beginners.
  • Where to find and how to get the ingredients and what tools you need.
  • How to alter the recipes to your taste preferences.
  • Different flavors, levels of sweetness, and special additions to the recipes.
  • Why it's important for your health to reduce sugar intake
  • Why gluten, dairy and sugar are so addictive and tips for withdrawal

"The best sugar and gluten-free cake I've ever had."

"Madeline’s cakes are the best sugar and gluten-free cakes I've ever had. The texture was moist and sponge like. The frosting flavors complimented the cake batter well. I recommend this cake for all dessert lovers, not just health nuts. Her cake truly is the lesser evil. Soo delicious!!"

Minneapolis Yoga and Pilates Teacher
Jen LeBaron


"Everyone is raving about the cake!"

"I wanted to let you know that I purchased three 4 inch spring form cake pans and have made about 18 cakes for friends and family as gifts. Everyone is raving about the cake!  Just wanted you to know that you are spreading a bit of healthy holiday cheer through your recipe." 

Retired Leadership Development Consultant

Juli Rasmussen

Learning to bake the best gluten free, sugar free, dairy free chocolate cake is as easy as 1... 2... 3...!

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"One of the tastiest cakes I've had."

"I had the delicious pleasure of enjoying Madeline's gluten free, sugar and dairy free wedding cake this past September. Not only was it beautiful, it was one of the tastiest cakes I've had. The texture was fantastic, the sweetness was not overpowering and all of the flavors blended together very smoothly. It was a tiered wedding cake with different flavors so each flavor was a new experience.
The taste, texture and flavor were all consistently delicious with each bite!   I am glad Madeline has this talent because  many people don't understand you can still enjoy treats such as cake without all the added ingredients like an overload of sugar to your system.
Thanks Madeline!"  
IT Sales Specialist 
Molly Burgess

"I couldn't tell that the cake I ate was keto."

"I attended Madeline's wedding in September. I was fortunate enough to try the wedding cake she made herself. As someone who cooks and bakes for a living, I was very curious about trying her keto wedding cake. I wasn't disappointed. I've done keto baking and I've had issues with the taste of Stevia, so I was interested in how she would overcome it. I couldn't tell that the cake I ate was keto. There was no unique Stevia taste. The cake was very moist. The texture was was that of a cake you'd pay for by the slice at a high-end restaurant. You couldn't tell that it was a cake without flour and sugar. I would have had another piece, if there would have been more cake leftover."

Chef and Keto Expert
Allen Normandin

"Her cakes will satisfy your craving."

"Madeline is an incredibly skilled and thoughtful baker. Not only does she craft amazing recipes that are gluten free and keto friendly, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge of the process. Whether you are new to keto and want to cut down on carbs, or are looking to bake delicious goods for a health conscious loved one, there is no doubt in my mind that her cakes will satisfy your craving."

Superintendent at Flackers

Ben Eilers

How much does it cost?

The mistake most people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow or frustrating that can be.

Or worse...

... you spend hours searching for recipes, money on fancy ingredients, only to end up with a dry, bland, funky tasting cake that no one wants to eat. You try recipe after recipe until you finally give up. 

So next, people just say "I'll just order a cake from a gluten free bakery!"

Which is possible! You can find a gluten free bakery... but they almost always use sugar, grains, dairy, and artificial colors in their cakes.

You can even hire someone to bake a cake for you... but a simple birthday cake can cost anywhere from $100-$300 and a wedding cake would be thousands. 

If you're like me, you want to get it right the first time. Skip all the time, energy and money wasted on testing multiple recipes. 

This is your chance to learn from me so you can have amazing, healthy, chocolate cake anytime you want. 

And you can master this recipe for $147. 

Save $50 with code CAKELOVE through Sept 22nd (brings the price to $97)


The Course is Fully Backed by Our 30-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!


I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If your not satisfied with the course, simply email [email protected] requesting a full, immediate refund! 

-Madeline Evergreen

"I offer it for breakfast guilt free." 

"Finally a cake the whole family can enjoy!  It checks all the boxes for the entire spectrum of dietary requirements for the 5 of us. In the past I’ve always had to have a separate option for my youngest daughter (who we can not make exceptions for) because not all my people found other gluten free + cakes palatable. This cake is delicious plus it’s sugar free which is something I strive for in our daily diet. Our quality of life is determined by her diet and celebration cakes have been a challenge.  Madeline's cakes bring joy back to the celebration and I offer it for breakfast guilt free." 

Homesteader and Homeschooler Mom of 3 little girls
Mandy Knoll



Bake, Decorate, and Freeze Cakes in Advance! ($49 Value)

Believe it or not... you can bake, decorate and freeze your cakes days, weeks, or even months before you serve them. 

This saves you time and stress before parties and holidays. Instead of frantically decorating the cake the morning of a party, you can simply defrost your finished cake and serve it with zero stress. 

Freezing cakes might sound easy... but you can easily wreck your masterpiece if you don't know what you are doing. Your cake can end up frost bitten, soggy, icy, or cracked unless you know the special secrets. 

You will receive BONUS videos to learn this skill. 


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About Madeline

Madeline began her career teaching group fitness at the age of 14 at Studio TimeOut in Minneapolis, MN.  She grew up as a dancer and circus performer, and now enjoys acro yoga and ballroom dance for her artistic outlet.

She is the host of the popular podcast, Project Keto Podcast, where she teaches the practical tips for implementing a ketogenic diet.

Madeline has dealt with health and digestive struggles ever since she was a baby. Her first words were “my knees hurt”.  She had debilitating stomach pain, skin rashes, frequent fainting, vomiting, headaches, joint pain, and terrible moods for her entire childhood. She stopped producing growth hormone at a young age and had to take injections to reach a normal height.

In her senior year of high school, Madeline decided to remove gluten, dairy, and sugar to help with all the digestive issues. Since then Madeline has been on a mission to fix her own health. She dealt with SIBO, extreme foods sensitivities, anxiety, hormone problems, hair falling out, weight gain, and the list goes on.

Madeline became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through Nutritional Therapy Association and worked with many clients with health struggles. She couldn’t have been nearly as successful with her clients if she hadn’t had her own experiences with her health problems. 

Madeline continues to walk the walk every single day. Health is her top priority, and she loves to share the knowledge with anyone who is ready to listen.