You're invited to join the Human Design Accountability Group. 

A place to get motivation, inspiration, and guidance on how to actually live according to your design. 

Maybe you've listened to podcasts, read books, or even had a one on one human design reading... and that's wonderful! But now it's time to start applying human design to your life. 

Easier said than done. Madeline will help guide you through your real life and current circumstances so you can start living in alignment now. This helps you manifest easier, get physically healthier, feel more clarity and ease, and go to sleep with a sense of peace, satisfaction, and calm rather than burn out at the end of the day. 

One of the best parts is getting to hear from other participants in the group. You'll feel a sense of inspiration, belonging and connection when you hear from others. You might even make new friends! 

Just think about the information you already know about human design... I promise you, you're sitting on a GOLD MINE. Let me help you apply that knowledge to your own life so you start seeing improvements right away. 

How does it work?

We'll meet weekly on zoom for a month. Select one of the options in the boxes below. 

Each call, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your current life situations and how to apply your design to it. 

I'll give guidance, advice, and clarity about how to best use human design to assist with whatever is currently going on in your life. 

I will bring a theme to the call each week and suggest at least one focus you could adopt until the next time we meet. It could be something to do with your strategy, authority, an energy center, digestion, or any other aspect of the chart. 

You can either choose to practice what I recommend for the week, or you can come up with your own focus. 

Then, when we meet again, I'll follow up and ask how it went for you. Did it work? Did it flop? Do you need more clarification? Can we take it deeper? 

The whole purpose is for you to practice your design (remember, this is a lifelong experiment) and continue to feel more in alignment each week. 

What you'll notice when you start living your design could be any of the following:

  • Easier, faster, and effortless manifesting
  • Better health
  • Better moods
  • Less irritability with others
  • More peace, satisfaction, and joy in life
  • Less burn out
  • More confidence 
  • Less people pleasing 

You might even make deep friendships and connections with other members.

Having friends who understand human design is incredibly fun, and you can absolutely meet people in this group. 

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to express some of my current status of how I am working on my Human Design"

"I want you to know how blessed and grateful I feel to have found you. I feel like I am starting to do a good job of trying to be myself and follow my authority and strategy, but I allow doubt and fear to sometimes subdue that. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to express some of my current status of how I am working on my Human Design yesterday in the accountability group and was able to get some clarity on how I am... I'll call it sabotaging myself when I make excuses for not doing and following my design.. I took your advice yesterday to listen to some emotional spurring music that was related to my dad and trying to get back to my deeper feelings or emotions and today am going to do some breath work. You really are a shining star/angel."


New Focus for October:

In the October groups, we will have a theme of: 

Finally Follow Your Authority

 This group is perfect for those who've been learning Human Design and are struggling with execution. Perhaps you understand the basic concepts, but you are challenged with applying them to your actual life circumstances. 

October is an especially good month for you if you're having a hard time following your Authority (that part of your human design that tells you how to make decisions). Maybe you have a sacral authority, but can't tell if something lights you up. Perhaps you've got a splenic authority but can't hear your instincts... If you're experiencing something similar, join the October group!

Choose either Mondays or Tuesdays below:

October Mondays


  • Mondays 7pm Central Time
  • Oct 2nd- 23rd
  • Get access to the recordings if you cannot attend live
  • Limited spots available
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October Tuesdays


  • Tuesdays 10am Central Time
  • Oct 3rd-24th
  • Get access to the recordings if you cannot attend live
  • Limited spots available
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"I've only participated in two sessions so far, but as I learn to live my design, your advice and wisdom is helping to provide so much clarity (or what to do if things are not clear!).  I love the discussions, tips, and book recommendations.  I'm getting into the groove of defining what does not align.  Really looking forward to diving deep into following your authority.  As a generator I really struggle with too many choices - so many great possibilities - what to focus on first?  and should I stick with something and focus - I tend to jump around and then get lost!!!"

-Kay D

 Our Mission Statement:

The Human Design Accountability Group is a community dedicated to empowering individuals through the practical application of Human Design. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment where members can review and harness their existing understanding of Human Design principles, and actively apply this wisdom to enhance their lives.

We recognize that knowledge alone is not enough to create lasting transformation. Therefore, our primary focus is on accountability and action. By joining the group, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, supported by like-minded individuals who share the common goal of living in alignment with their unique design.

The accountability group is not an educational program; instead, it serves as a dynamic space where you can embrace your design and take consistent steps towards living in alignment. We aim to bridge the gap between the information you already have and implementation into your life.

Within this nurturing community, members commit to holding each other accountable for their goals and aspirations. Together, we celebrate successes, learn from challenges, and offer mutual support to stay on track with our individual paths. As we cultivate an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability, we facilitate the transformation of insights into tangible results, making Human Design a practical tool for personal growth and fulfillment.

About Madeline

Madeline is a 4/6, Manifesting Generator in human design. This means she loves to explore tons of different interests from ballroom dance, to nutrition, acro yoga, art, gardening, group fitness, and so much more.

When she first learned about human design, she was hooked. Learning about her own chart showed her how to get into alignment. This changed Madeline's entire life including her health, body, career, outlook on life, and relationships. 

Human design started out as one of those hobbies that Madeline became addicted to. After months and months of personal study, she pulled the trigger and signed up for Jenna Zoe’s human design reader training (

Madeline is a natural at reading human design charts. She is able to make the information clear, easy to understand, and applicable to real life. She’s deeply fulfilled and lit up by every single reading she’s done so far.

Anyone who has their chart read by Madeline is blown away by the volume of information they learn. People feel incredibly validated and have a deeper understanding of their purpose, why they have certain behaviors, and how to make decisions moving forward.

If you have ever tried to understand your chart but are lost in all the shapes, arrows and lines… you will love receiving a session from Madeline. She will make it all so clear and easy to understand.

Email [email protected] to contact Madeline for Human Design inquiries.