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Pilates helps with...

Back Pain

Improving athletic performance

Core strength


Alignment and posture

Body awareness

Shoulder, knee, hip, and spinal stability


What's the difference between Pilates Mat and Reformer?

As a beginner, Pilates is much easier to learn on the Reformer than the mat. The machine supports you so that you can move with better form and technique. 

You work one on one with a trainer on the Reformer. Your trainer will work specifically with your body and the goals you have.

They'll be watching you every step of the way to be sure you have great technique and are staying safe.

Pilates Mat is generally done in a group class format. Learning Pilates on the mat is a much longer learning curve than on the Reformer. 

Both are excellent and compliment each other well. Ideally, you should do both Mat and Reformer to get the most out of your practice. 

Classical Pilates


We teach classical Pilates in our Reformer lessons and group Mat classes. 

It takes quite a long time and a lot of focus to learn the classical technique, but it's well worth it in the long run. 

Our lessons are based off Joseph Pilates' teachings and techniques. 

The best way to learn classical Pilates is in private lessons on the Reformer. Large group reformer classes, youtube videos, and celebrity workouts can be fun and good for fitness, but they aren't optimal ways to successfully learn Pilates. 

When someone is new in Pilates, we say to give yourself a year to learn the basics. This might sound long, but it really does take time and practice to learn these techniques. 

Once you've been doing Pilates for a while, you notice the more you do Pilates, the harder it gets because you've learned to work deeper and deeper into the exercise and get so much more out of it. 

One of the best and most cost effective ways to practice is in Pilates Mat classes. We highly recommend these for anyone doing Reformer lessons. 

"I came to Time Out Studio to get rid of my gut. However, I wasn’t able to do weight lifting or other exercise because of back and shoulder pain. I initially signed up to do 5 sessions of Pilates to flatten my belly, but realized that I was in pain because my core was weak. I like that Pilates doesn’t leave me feeling exhausted like other exercise does.

My back pain is completely gone, and my shoulder pain is improved. Pilates has made me more aware of my posture when I’m sitting, standing, and working on my computer. I have osteopenia, so I’m hoping this will help me as I get older.

It’s so clean at Time Out Studio! Everyone’s so friendly, and it’s just kind of a relaxed place. I continue to do private Pilates sessions because I want to make sure I’m strong enough before I start doing other things". – Lynn R.

Meet your instructors

Beth Richardson

Beth has been teaching Pilates at the studio since early 2008. She earned the comprehensive Peak Pilates certification including all apparatus. She is certified to teach the GYROTONIC method. Beth spent 25 years as a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapy assistant in Montana. She has personally experienced neck pain and subsequent fused vertabrae and has helped numerous clients through neck and back trouble in addition to shoulder, foot, hip and knee trouble. Beth practices Pilates and GYROTONIC in a very therapeutic manner with a special personal touch.

Nicole Dickson

Nicole has been teaching Pilates since 2010. She came to the Pilates method through a professional dance career and immediately felt at home in the practice. Nicole holds a Comprehensive Pilates Trainer Certification from Core Pilates NYC and continues her studies here in MN. Being a mover since birth she has traveled the world teaching dance and performing. Before teaching at Studio TimeOut, she completed her sixth year as a Radio City Rockette and is excited to call Minneapolis home once again. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Oklahoma City University.


"I heard about Pilates at Time Out Studio through some friends. I continue to do Pilates private sessions and classes because it feels so good. My goal is to enter into my later years feeling good in my body. Pilates is doing that for me – it’s better than Botox!

Since I began Pilates four months ago, I can sit longer, my body feels more grounded, and I am more present in my body. I bike a lot and after a recent 15 mile bike ride, I felt like I could go another 10 miles! My arms are stronger, I am lifted through my pelvic floor, and I have more energy. Also, I have gained more height. I went over to my file cabinet the other day and thought, “It’s shorter!” 

I am 58 years old and I have found that Pilates gives me more energy than ever!

Everybody is so nice at Time Out Studio! It’s really comfortable, there’s none of this “chi-chi” competition. And I really like Beth! Beth is a great trainer. She is precise, rigorous, exacting, and she focuses on the training".   - Mary Louise

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